Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No Business Card at an event, Don't worry

Did you any time forgot to carry the business cards to an important event? If you are in sales you can not afford this. But few times we do end up forgetting or carrying very few cards.

was in the similar position when attended yesterday's TiE event. I had only three cards. What to do? As I realized early(Reminded by CEO), I planned to use two tricks i have for this kind of situation.

One sCard:

You can tackle this situation using technology. BizCard is one of the feature in MyDuniya consumer services. You store your business card in MyDuniya website, you can forward it to the particular person's mail id. Your business card will go as VCF attachment to the mail id. The other user can add your details to address book with single click. As it goes through sms, I call it as sCard. Do you have sCard if not please go and have one at MyDuniya

Second Networking Friend:
In these scenario, better to find a friend in the event who is very good at networking. You always be with him. Whenever your friend exchage a card the other person, the other person will offer a card, you can say him you exhausted your cards and you will get back.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Making It To the Next Level of Innovation: Success in a Flat World

The climate in India is suitable for entrepreneurship. Many successful Indian technology managers working overseas are now returning to India to start companies. This trend, combined with India's excellent pool of engineers and burgeoning consumer and businesses, make it ripe for investment. There is also a much bigger and scalable local market that can absorb innovation. Ms. Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco will talk about her personal experience in innovation as well as technology, What Indian start-ups should be doing to make them more competitive in an increasingly flat world, best-practice sharing and global trends in innovation leading to co-creation across the boundaries.

You can find more details at

It is worth attending this event. I am going to be there.