Monday, June 30, 2008


As you know Ladakh is one of the heavenly place on earth. Here is opportunity to travel to LADAKH free of cost. Yes free of cost. Please find the details below.


Getoff ur ass is looking for writers who can travel with us starting Aug 28 thru September to Ladakh.

If you think can write well, then it is for you. He/she will get a free getoff~ trip – work is to compile places to stay and write about them for and All expenses will be taken care except booze and cigarettes. Yes booze and cigarettes you have to pay.

Whoever is on will get to travel on getoff~ Ladakh 2008 trips with our other clients. If interested pls write to us with one or two of ur works. Minimum photography skills are required to document work.

To check about getoff~ Ladakh trips -

I could have grabbed this opportunity, if I was bachelor. I love traveling. My mind is saying if's and but's don't have any meaning.

There is nothing called free lunch in this world. :-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Does Your Vote Count

It really does not matter, whom you vote for, it really matters whom you votes against. It is always better to check and vote, especially in close groups. It is worse if you are voting against the leader in the group.

Hinduja Park:
In our recent apartment association meeting, we were discussing about what apartment association should bear, what it should not. The discussion became hot regarding electrical fittings, it is about individual apartment’s MCB and electrical Meters at common control panel board. Our president decided to call for a vote on this.

7 to 3 in favor of individual should bear. The three who voted against are Tapas (Our beloved association president), Gaurang (I think he is secretary, but one of the office bearer) and someone else. Within 30 seconds of vote, our president said we will discuss again and take a decision.

I am pretty sure when they discuss it again, there won't be more than 4 people. I have raised my concerns. Don't you think it is killing of democracy, especially with in 30 seconds? It clearly says your vote really doesn't count. It is like, Either you vote in favor of Govt or don't vote.

After the meeting someone asked, when is next apartment association election? I asked when the last was. May be the elections also happened like this. Kidding...

Let me know how your apartment association operates.

Note: Tapas is good friend of mine, he is very nice. He is doing his best as association president.


One ball, one run to win, three wickets in hand. As the Pavan decided to bowl, Mohan decided to hit it or get out. He couldn't int the last three balls, Pavan was bowling really nicely. Mohan hit the last ball over the mid off for two runs and won the game.

Last Week:
It's been long time we were planning to play cricket in the office. We planned to play against SuperSeva or Srishti. Initially it was head count problem we were not even 11 at that time. When we were 11 people in MyDuniya we got really busy. Some how our CEO, who is very energetic player behind us for cricket. He even went and bought the Bat and ball. At last it is got kicked off last Friday. As I was on my business trip to Mumbai, I couldn't be play.

This Week:
When I heard about last week's play, I decided to play this week. As the Friday approached, our CEO Ganapathy went on a trip to DELHI. Finally we left with 8 people. We decided to play, we reached Lawrence School Play ground at 5:30pm.

We split into two teams, Sandeep and Sachin (Not Sachin Tendulkar) are two captains.
In one team Sachin, Me, Mohan and Tirumala. In another team Sandeep, Pavan, Vijay and Satya. Pavan was the hero of the last week's game. He is no doubt a good player. He bats well and bowls well too.

We decide to have six overs a side match. Sandeep won the toss and elected to bat. Sachin started of nicely. As I don't my team's strength, I decided to wait to and watch. Sandeep got all out for 13 runs. We score 15 runs for 1 wicket in 3 overs.We played one more match after that, there is nothing great to write about it.

As the school's play ground is hardly 50 mts, why to wait for Friday, Why not every day in the evening for 30 mts from 6:00 to 6:30pm.


NOTE: I forgot to take my mobile to the game so only know pictures, surely next time.

Better Half B'Day

It was my better half B'day yesterday. Initially I have not planned anything special, as my brother in law came the night before, we decided to have cake cutting at night 12'o clock. We even planned to make it as surprise. The surprise thing got spoiled, as my wife saw us bringing the cake.

Laxmi is from rural place, she is not much interested in Cake cutting. She said no for 12'o clock cake cutting, because it will disturb our son's sleeping. He has getup early for his school, she has get up early for to see us off.

In the morning my son got up, as he saw the CAKE in the fridge, he came to know about his MOM's b'day. He insisted for cake cutting in the morning. He led from the front, from setting up the table to arranging candle and knife.

This is my firs cake cutting experience early in the morning. It was really good.