Monday, June 30, 2008


As you know Ladakh is one of the heavenly place on earth. Here is opportunity to travel to LADAKH free of cost. Yes free of cost. Please find the details below.


Getoff ur ass is looking for writers who can travel with us starting Aug 28 thru September to Ladakh.

If you think can write well, then it is for you. He/she will get a free getoff~ trip – work is to compile places to stay and write about them for and All expenses will be taken care except booze and cigarettes. Yes booze and cigarettes you have to pay.

Whoever is on will get to travel on getoff~ Ladakh 2008 trips with our other clients. If interested pls write to us with one or two of ur works. Minimum photography skills are required to document work.

To check about getoff~ Ladakh trips -

I could have grabbed this opportunity, if I was bachelor. I love traveling. My mind is saying if's and but's don't have any meaning.

There is nothing called free lunch in this world. :-)

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