Friday, June 27, 2008

Does Your Vote Count

It really does not matter, whom you vote for, it really matters whom you votes against. It is always better to check and vote, especially in close groups. It is worse if you are voting against the leader in the group.

Hinduja Park:
In our recent apartment association meeting, we were discussing about what apartment association should bear, what it should not. The discussion became hot regarding electrical fittings, it is about individual apartment’s MCB and electrical Meters at common control panel board. Our president decided to call for a vote on this.

7 to 3 in favor of individual should bear. The three who voted against are Tapas (Our beloved association president), Gaurang (I think he is secretary, but one of the office bearer) and someone else. Within 30 seconds of vote, our president said we will discuss again and take a decision.

I am pretty sure when they discuss it again, there won't be more than 4 people. I have raised my concerns. Don't you think it is killing of democracy, especially with in 30 seconds? It clearly says your vote really doesn't count. It is like, Either you vote in favor of Govt or don't vote.

After the meeting someone asked, when is next apartment association election? I asked when the last was. May be the elections also happened like this. Kidding...

Let me know how your apartment association operates.

Note: Tapas is good friend of mine, he is very nice. He is doing his best as association president.

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