Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Ever wondered what it would be like, if you had to forward your resume when you are on the move and had no internet connection? Well, you can now conjure up this act with just an SMS. MyDuniya Networks is one platform which has taken SMS utility to the next level.

MyDuniya Networks demonstrated the beta version of their consumer services at Mobile Monday - Bangalore Chapter April event. Mr.K.Ganapathy Subramanian CEO, MyDuniya Networks, speaking on the occasion said that reaching out to the bottom of the pyramid with simplicity is their mantra. This is exactly the reason why they started their VAS services based on SMS. According to Mr.Subramanian there are huge possibilities with SMS alone.MyDuniya Networks is a robust keyword based platform. Keyword is the first word in the SMS.

Consumers can store their files (typically resumes or other documents) and assign a keyword (let’s say CV.file). Whenever an user wants to forward the file he can just sms CV.file to 53695. The file will be forwarded to the specified email-id.

You can send quick mails to anyone while you are on the move using SMS. You have to sms <> to 53695, the message will be sent to the specified email-id. Another interesting feature is saving and forwarding your business card. You can also ask the people to pull your card. Your contact information will be delivered to your friend’s phone and email. It is nice way of reducing the usage of paper and helping the Global Warming! J

MyDuniya services can be used on all phones. At present MyDuniya services are available in Karnataka through Shortcode 53695 for Airtel. The shortcode is priced at Re 1/- only, that is why they are calling it the SmartCode. The services are available through 99801 53695 for others. Please check www.myduniya.in for more details. Their enterprise services are available at www.myduniya.co.in

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bottoms Up! Get Set Go

It was end of first day Barcamp Bangalore 6. As usual we have planned to have get together. Majoriry of us(Including Me) suggested to hang around in Mapunity office and have food and drinks. Jayanh and Navjoth are very clear they want to go to LOR (Legends of Rock) in kormangala. As usual after few minutes of debate and we decided to go to LOR.

The place is booked and music is on. The party started of slowly. As music moved from slow rock to metal, we also moved to sipping the beer to bottoms up. First Round all six of us finished with a style. As I am not regular bottoms up guy I cam last. At the moment one thing I decided, I may lose the battle, I am going to win the war.

Round number 3, 4, 5, 6 I was keep coming last but people started dropping off. At 7 almost every one dropped off, but one or other started giving me the company. Finally after 9 rounds completing near to 35 L of beer we decided to call it off. Yes it is 35 Liters of beer among 10 drinkers. The kitchen is closed, no food. As many of us are in no mood(not in a position to chew) for food decided to move towards homes, but We five(Amit, Aditya, Netra, Shourya and Me) decided to move to Empire in Koramangala for food.

The Fun Starts Now:

We five planned to go in three cars. Aditya was suppose pick Amit, which he forgot, poor Amit slept with out food. As we having dinner, we broke three glasses; You may call it 35L Beer effect. As we are having food proposed for long drive to Mysore. The story continues…


Today I went to Indira Gandhi Children Hospital to donate blood. The blood was for Master Subramani who is 6 years old. Subramani parents are small time flower vendors. He got a very cute smile. His hands are very soft. I came to know Master Selvamani suffering from Thalassemia. I got terrified when I heard the little fellow required blood transfusion every 3 weeks.

The lab assistant Srinivas had given me few details about the decease. Srinivas had put me to Dr.Pradeep who is pathologist. Please watch the short conversion.

Thalassemia Major is a genetic, blood disorder which affects more than 1 lakh children in the country. Children suffering from this disorder cannot produce haemoglobin, which carries the oxygen, that we breathe in, to the various parts of the body. These children are born with the disorder, and will survive only if given regular blood transfusions. And, the transfusions need to be given every 15 days on an average, throughout their lives.

Repeated blood transfusions result in an undesirable build up of iron in the body, which can be fatal. The child has to take an injection everyday to dispose off the excess iron. This injection is given by a special infusion pump, over a period of 8 to 10 hrs, everyday. In most cases the injection is switched on before the child goes to sleep and detached the next morning. An oral drug has been developed for iron disposal which can replace the injection. This drug is relatively affordable. But the drug does not work with some children.

You can more information about Thalassemia at http://www.rotaractmumbaighatkopar.org/Thalassemia

The family goes through lot of pain, they have to check for the blood donor every 3 weeks. I think I should help this kid as much as possible. Towards it I found the next donor for Master Subramani. I am looking for the people from Bangalore with A+ blood group. It is only matter of finding and 6 more people and scheduling.

Do we have any technical solution to help these people?

I think yes. It is matter of connection Donor and Seekers.

  1. There will be a registration page for donors.

· Name, Email, Mobile Number, Land Line number and Blood group information will be collected.

· Last blood donation date.

  1. There will be registration page for the seekers.

· Name, Mobile number, Land Line number, Address and Blood Group will be collected. Last transfusion date will be gathered.

  1. We will assign 10 donors for each patient.
    1. Each person can give blood only once in 6 month.
  2. The system will schedule the of donors for particular patient
  3. The Auto schedule will be automatically for three weeks.
  4. The patient can update the next blood requirement date by SMS.
  5. The system will send the e-mail and SMS to next two donors.
    1. It will inform before three days, Two days On that day and two hours.
  6. Donors can send and update their availability by SMS.

I think I am pretty much done… Need to find a Ruby or PHP developer. Is there any fresher/student looking for live project please contact me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy B'day

It was my birthday on April 10th. It was a one of those special B'day. Your both bosses (Better Half and Manager) are not in town. Better half is not in town means loads of freedom. Manager is not in town mean lots of responsibility.

My colleagues got the B’day cake to start the celebrations. Thanks to all my colleagues and friends.


RangDe.Org share the colours of joy; is a new microcredit. It is a not for profit organization. Rang De is an innovative attempt to bring down the cost of microcredit by enabling individuals to lend small sums of money via RangDe.Org. Rang De hopes to reach out and include people to whom even ‘traditional microcredit’ is unaffordable. Rang De will make affordable microcredit a reality. We provide loans at rates at least lower by 4 % than the traditional MFI rates.

How is Works?
Step1: You become a social investor by lending small amount of money to a borrower of your choice.

Step2: Rang De connects to via a field partner and makes a low cost micro credit a reality.

Step3: Borrower receives the money via field partner and repays via field partner and Ran De

I strongly feel this is really a good movement. I can give credit to the person of my choice. I already invested 4,000. Please join the hands in taking India forward.

Please go ahead and invest. You can invest multiples of 1000. How about investing 1000 now?
Commonnnnnnnnnn clik here...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Startup Saturday

The objective of Startup Saturday is to provide a forum for entrepreneurs to discuss, present, network and learn from peers, prospective customers, adopters and investors.

Startup Saturdays are a great way for entrepreneurs to meet with a closed door audience who can help with feedback, introductions and advice. Held every Second Saturday of every month, Startup Saturdays are attended by KickStart's advisory board comprised of eminent entrepreneurs, technologists, product marketers and managers. You need to get in touch with KickStart well in advance to present at a Startup Saturday event so that your objectives and pain points are understood well in advance to get in the best people who can help you in your situation.

For more information please get in touch with me or Prof Suresh (sbhagavatula at gmail dot com).

Disclosure: I am one of the founders of KickStart and StartupSaturday.


April Startup Saturday Agenda:

Essential of Term-sheet by Ms.Dhanaya Menon.
Ms.Dhanya Menon is partner at ALMT Legal Bangalore. She is a
corporate-commercial lawyer and her areas of expertise include joint
ventures, mergers and acquisitions, foreign direct investments, venture
capital and private equity. Her practice is currently limited to Indian law
exclusively. She holds BA/LLB degree from National Law School Bangalore.

Mr. Chandan Maruti CEO of Storzz will be launching their product of Storzz
with SN.
Storrz is a Social Mall That Lets You Connect To People, Products and
Sellers. In the real world we go to the mall to have a good
time. Shopping is just one of the reasons. We explore new products, meet
friends, watch a movie, eat out at the restaurants etc. Storrz aims to bring
the same online. At Storrz users can explore stores, meet people share
information and a lot more. Storrz currently has 16 national brand stores
and has served thousands of customers across the country.

NSRCEL, IIMB, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore.

12th April 2008 from 10:30 a.m to 13:00 p.m

Please register for the upcoming startup saturday at www.startupsaturday.in

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where is the Hands Free?

The rules says don't use mobile phone while driving. Today I got scared when BMTC Volvo bus driver start using his mobile while driving the bus in the heavy traffic at Marathalli Bridge. He is not bothered about traffic or safety of the people. He wants people to board the bus quickly so that he can continue his talk. I think he should get punished. This is happened on 333P Volvo. I had captured it on my mobile, I will post it tomorrow. Any one want to take this up with higher ups please do.

"Do you use mobile while driving?" This is the question I asked my friends. Interestingly many of them use mobile while driving. Many of them use mobile as stress buster while driving. Same time very few of them used Hands-free.

Please avoid using mobile while driving. Please use Hands-free, if you can not avoid using mobile while driving. It is really adding to chaos of the traffic. Please do your bit today. Make bangalore a better place.

Do you feel mobile is stress buster while driving in Bangalore?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BMTC One Man Service Boon or Bane

Bangalore MTC one man service is the dangerous service on the earth.

One man service is the one where there is no conductor. The driver only issues the tickets. This service is a boon for BMTC. They make a good margin with this service. They make this margin at public cost.

I always avoid OMS buses. These are biggest bottleneck for Bangalore Traffic. The bus will take 20 to 30 minutes more time than regular bus. It means it is added extra burden to the Bangalore traffic. The bus will stop in each bus stand for more time. Driver has issue the tickets, he has answer the queries. Many time driver issue the ticket while driving. Some time his both hands will be off from the steering. It is very dangerous for the public.

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation is one of the very few profit making public transport corporations. They implement and adapt new technologies and new policies. It is high time they should review there One man service policy.

Watch the video

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wi-Fi In Apartment Associations

I am staying in an apartment in a suburb of eastern Bangalore. My apartment association called Hinduja Park. (Don’t get carried away by the name- It has nothing to do with Ashok LeyLand Hinduja). We have 100 apartments in our association. Near to 80% of the people uses internet at home. Every one is using there individual net connection from Airtel or BSNL for the internet. Each one is paying around 300 to 400 per month.

This is same across many apartment associations. Here is my proposal, How about taking one single high bandwidth connection and share with every one. This way each one can save around Rs 250-300 per month. I just checked with a Telco, sharing of bandwidth internal there is no restriction.

I think 1MBPS unlimited connection with a DHCP router will do the job.

I am planning to do a wi-fi mushup and implement this. Testing is already on..

Money saved is money earned.

Protective Father

Nowadays it was raining regularly in Bangalore. Thought it was April first week, it is like monsoon time. I was forced to stay at home; luckily(Y I Feel luckly.let U know later) there was no power also. Suddenly felt like getting drenched. I thought to go out and play in the rain. I proposed the same to my son. My four year old son jumped about the idea. We all set to go and play in the rain.

Suddenly, cold virus bug hit me, I asked my son to cover his head with plastic followed by swimming cap. He is not ready for the both. We had a heated argument. I was trying to explain all sorts of things to him, but my son is very clear. Finally I convinced him about the plastic cover. By that time we settled for plastic to cover our heads, rain gods said bye bye. We decided to play the rain water on the terrace. We played for 30 minutes.

I got present to one thing; I loved playing in the rain. In my childhood many times I got the beatings from my Granny, especially when my books got wet. I always loved playing in the rain with out covering the heads

Why is that I was asking my son to cover his head? Am I too protective? Next time I will allow him to play in the rain with out covering the head.

How many times you played in rain? How many times you thought about playing in the rain?

Watch the video of my son.. playing in the rain water..


I already have two blogs, “Ideas Unlimited”, “Marathalli”. I thought to create one more for long time to write the daily/General updates. What a day to start this blog? Today is Ugadi. Ugadi came from Yuga and Adi. Yuga means Era, Adi means beginning, Ugadi means beginning of an era. As of now I have lot of ideas for this blog.

I am planning to write daily updates of my life, my feeling, my critics and my opinions on various issues that matters to the humans.

Wish you Happy Ugadi to all of you.