Tuesday, April 15, 2008


RangDe.Org share the colours of joy; is a new microcredit. It is a not for profit organization. Rang De is an innovative attempt to bring down the cost of microcredit by enabling individuals to lend small sums of money via RangDe.Org. Rang De hopes to reach out and include people to whom even ‘traditional microcredit’ is unaffordable. Rang De will make affordable microcredit a reality. We provide loans at rates at least lower by 4 % than the traditional MFI rates.

How is Works?
Step1: You become a social investor by lending small amount of money to a borrower of your choice.

Step2: Rang De connects to via a field partner and makes a low cost micro credit a reality.

Step3: Borrower receives the money via field partner and repays via field partner and Ran De

I strongly feel this is really a good movement. I can give credit to the person of my choice. I already invested 4,000. Please join the hands in taking India forward.

Please go ahead and invest. You can invest multiples of 1000. How about investing 1000 now?
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