Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where is the Hands Free?

The rules says don't use mobile phone while driving. Today I got scared when BMTC Volvo bus driver start using his mobile while driving the bus in the heavy traffic at Marathalli Bridge. He is not bothered about traffic or safety of the people. He wants people to board the bus quickly so that he can continue his talk. I think he should get punished. This is happened on 333P Volvo. I had captured it on my mobile, I will post it tomorrow. Any one want to take this up with higher ups please do.

"Do you use mobile while driving?" This is the question I asked my friends. Interestingly many of them use mobile while driving. Many of them use mobile as stress buster while driving. Same time very few of them used Hands-free.

Please avoid using mobile while driving. Please use Hands-free, if you can not avoid using mobile while driving. It is really adding to chaos of the traffic. Please do your bit today. Make bangalore a better place.

Do you feel mobile is stress buster while driving in Bangalore?

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