Monday, April 7, 2008

Protective Father

Nowadays it was raining regularly in Bangalore. Thought it was April first week, it is like monsoon time. I was forced to stay at home; luckily(Y I Feel luckly.let U know later) there was no power also. Suddenly felt like getting drenched. I thought to go out and play in the rain. I proposed the same to my son. My four year old son jumped about the idea. We all set to go and play in the rain.

Suddenly, cold virus bug hit me, I asked my son to cover his head with plastic followed by swimming cap. He is not ready for the both. We had a heated argument. I was trying to explain all sorts of things to him, but my son is very clear. Finally I convinced him about the plastic cover. By that time we settled for plastic to cover our heads, rain gods said bye bye. We decided to play the rain water on the terrace. We played for 30 minutes.

I got present to one thing; I loved playing in the rain. In my childhood many times I got the beatings from my Granny, especially when my books got wet. I always loved playing in the rain with out covering the heads

Why is that I was asking my son to cover his head? Am I too protective? Next time I will allow him to play in the rain with out covering the head.

How many times you played in rain? How many times you thought about playing in the rain?

Watch the video of my son.. playing in the rain water..

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