Monday, April 7, 2008

Wi-Fi In Apartment Associations

I am staying in an apartment in a suburb of eastern Bangalore. My apartment association called Hinduja Park. (Don’t get carried away by the name- It has nothing to do with Ashok LeyLand Hinduja). We have 100 apartments in our association. Near to 80% of the people uses internet at home. Every one is using there individual net connection from Airtel or BSNL for the internet. Each one is paying around 300 to 400 per month.

This is same across many apartment associations. Here is my proposal, How about taking one single high bandwidth connection and share with every one. This way each one can save around Rs 250-300 per month. I just checked with a Telco, sharing of bandwidth internal there is no restriction.

I think 1MBPS unlimited connection with a DHCP router will do the job.

I am planning to do a wi-fi mushup and implement this. Testing is already on..

Money saved is money earned.

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