Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Ever wondered what it would be like, if you had to forward your resume when you are on the move and had no internet connection? Well, you can now conjure up this act with just an SMS. MyDuniya Networks is one platform which has taken SMS utility to the next level.

MyDuniya Networks demonstrated the beta version of their consumer services at Mobile Monday - Bangalore Chapter April event. Mr.K.Ganapathy Subramanian CEO, MyDuniya Networks, speaking on the occasion said that reaching out to the bottom of the pyramid with simplicity is their mantra. This is exactly the reason why they started their VAS services based on SMS. According to Mr.Subramanian there are huge possibilities with SMS alone.MyDuniya Networks is a robust keyword based platform. Keyword is the first word in the SMS.

Consumers can store their files (typically resumes or other documents) and assign a keyword (let’s say CV.file). Whenever an user wants to forward the file he can just sms CV.file to 53695. The file will be forwarded to the specified email-id.

You can send quick mails to anyone while you are on the move using SMS. You have to sms <> to 53695, the message will be sent to the specified email-id. Another interesting feature is saving and forwarding your business card. You can also ask the people to pull your card. Your contact information will be delivered to your friend’s phone and email. It is nice way of reducing the usage of paper and helping the Global Warming! J

MyDuniya services can be used on all phones. At present MyDuniya services are available in Karnataka through Shortcode 53695 for Airtel. The shortcode is priced at Re 1/- only, that is why they are calling it the SmartCode. The services are available through 99801 53695 for others. Please check www.myduniya.in for more details. Their enterprise services are available at www.myduniya.co.in

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