Monday, April 21, 2008

Bottoms Up! Get Set Go

It was end of first day Barcamp Bangalore 6. As usual we have planned to have get together. Majoriry of us(Including Me) suggested to hang around in Mapunity office and have food and drinks. Jayanh and Navjoth are very clear they want to go to LOR (Legends of Rock) in kormangala. As usual after few minutes of debate and we decided to go to LOR.

The place is booked and music is on. The party started of slowly. As music moved from slow rock to metal, we also moved to sipping the beer to bottoms up. First Round all six of us finished with a style. As I am not regular bottoms up guy I cam last. At the moment one thing I decided, I may lose the battle, I am going to win the war.

Round number 3, 4, 5, 6 I was keep coming last but people started dropping off. At 7 almost every one dropped off, but one or other started giving me the company. Finally after 9 rounds completing near to 35 L of beer we decided to call it off. Yes it is 35 Liters of beer among 10 drinkers. The kitchen is closed, no food. As many of us are in no mood(not in a position to chew) for food decided to move towards homes, but We five(Amit, Aditya, Netra, Shourya and Me) decided to move to Empire in Koramangala for food.

The Fun Starts Now:

We five planned to go in three cars. Aditya was suppose pick Amit, which he forgot, poor Amit slept with out food. As we having dinner, we broke three glasses; You may call it 35L Beer effect. As we are having food proposed for long drive to Mysore. The story continues…

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