Friday, June 27, 2008

Better Half B'Day

It was my better half B'day yesterday. Initially I have not planned anything special, as my brother in law came the night before, we decided to have cake cutting at night 12'o clock. We even planned to make it as surprise. The surprise thing got spoiled, as my wife saw us bringing the cake.

Laxmi is from rural place, she is not much interested in Cake cutting. She said no for 12'o clock cake cutting, because it will disturb our son's sleeping. He has getup early for his school, she has get up early for to see us off.

In the morning my son got up, as he saw the CAKE in the fridge, he came to know about his MOM's b'day. He insisted for cake cutting in the morning. He led from the front, from setting up the table to arranging candle and knife.

This is my firs cake cutting experience early in the morning. It was really good.

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