Wednesday, January 21, 2009

6 vs 2

When we planned to close MyDuniya, I have few options in front of me.
1. Go back to employee world, look for good job be there
2. Pursue my entrepreneur dreams.

My VOTE is always for the later one. Just give the confidence to family thought to have have few offers in the hand. It is more like half hearted attempt. To my surprise I had got six offers in a month. Two of the offers are really good.

As I decided to have own startup, I thought to employee two freshers. I had given offer to two people.

That is what 6 VS 2. Many people says "only time will tell, whether i made right choice or not". But I am very clear I made the right choice.

Now we are there full time employees at NUMO Solutions.

PS: I am one of the first employee of MyDuniya.

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