Friday, August 8, 2008

Balaning VC Funds In India

At the launch of Venture Capital Association of India Mr.TC Nair (Sebi’s Whole time member) said the market regulator was in favour of balancing investments by VC funds across different sectors.

My heart says, it is very good. I want the investments in all the sectors. Especially education, agriculture research, health etc…

My mind says, capital will flow where ever it has to flow. People will invest where they like to invest. It is very foolish to force people.

At present 90% of the VC funds are foreign funds and TAX free. If I am right most of these funds are coming through Mauritius. If required an VC fund can open another firm in Mauritius and invest in the area where they liked.

Comments Please!

Let us discuss this in the upcoming StartupSaturday Bangalore. Off-course off-line...


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