Friday, August 8, 2008

Silly Saithu....1

As you know lot of kids wet in the bed. After long time my son urinated in the bed for two days continously. On the second day, when he got up, he asked me "Why you people never urinate in the bed?".

It was very tough for me to explain. I told him kids can not control the bladder. He told me, he is not a kid any more, he buys a ticket in the train. :-)

Other day when we were in the train, I told him about the necessity of ticket from five years onwards.

What is Silly Saithu?

Thi series is all about the silly questions asked by my son. These are not silly questions, but silly. He is just complete five years. Chaitu is my son's nick name. One of our close family friend from Tamilnadu calls his Saithu. I love the way he calls.

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